Does Your Blog Express Expertise?

“An expert is someone that knows their stuff better than anyone else in their field,” says Jorgen Sunberg of

And just why is Sunberg’s definition so important for us Indiana freelance blog content writers? That’s simple: “Everyone wants to buy from or work with the person who has the reputation, credibility, and knowledge of an expert,” asserts Sunberg. (Of course, that’s exactly the result we’re aiming for on behalf of our business owner and professional practitioner clients!)

“Being an expert means you’re competent to deliver value to your clients, whatever you do,” adds Dr. Mani. “If you’re a doctor, you treat patients better. If you’re a writer, you deliver top class work. Being an expert means you’re respected by your peers and that you’re qualified to teach others,” says Mani in

According to meeting management expert Larissa Schultz, quoted in the latest issue of Speaker Magazine, two of the top three reasons planners hire one professional speaker over another are:

  1. The speaker’s content matches the conference’s needs.
  2. The speaker is an industry expert on a specific topic.

Your company blog offers the perfect platform for you to showcase your expertise in your field, while offering expert advice and information to readers who are looking for exactly that kind of advice and information!

Business bloggers can take comfort from Corbett Barr, a big believer in relative expertise.  “For most purposes,” he explains, “you don’t need to be the world’s foremost expert, just knowing enough or good enough to accomplish your goals… If you’re a two or three on the scale, you’re expert enough to help people who are ones or twos.  In fact,” he adds, “you might be better suited than a ten to helping beginners because you’re closer to their level”.

Besides the opportunity to help more customers and clients, Angie Hicks of Angie’s List points out another aspect of being a “content expert”: “It’s a relatively low-cost supplement to paid advertising.”

Perceived expertise and authority plays a role in Google rankings as well, I teach newbie business bloggers. If Google determines you’re a subject-specific authority, your rankings will improve. How extensive is your website’s footprint across the Web? What type of user experience does your website deliver?  The answers to these questions are factors in search engine rankings of any site.

Does your blog make readers want to buy from or work with you?

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