Expertise By Any Other Name is Sweet When Shared in Business Blogs

“An expert is someone that knows their stuff better than anyone else in their field,” says Jorgen Sunberg of “Everyone wants to buy from or work with the person who has the reputation, credibility, and knowledge of an expert.

While that’s exactly the perception Indianapolis blog content writers aim for on behalf of our business owner and professional practitioner clients, that’s a cause for concern to some business owner and professional practitioner clients of Say It For You – they don’t want to come off boastful and self-serving in their blog, or be perceived as using hard-sell tactics to promote themselves.

A highly satisfactory compromise, as I teach in corporate blogging training classes, is gathering and then sharing others’ expertise in your own business blog. One of my favorite “reading around” books is A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi, in which author Chloe Rhodes says that the term “maven”  refers to someone who gathers information and passes his knowledge to others.

Taking the idea even further, web designer Mark Carillion, quoted in Employee Benefit Advisor Magazine, says that “The guy who gives out the most information freely is the guy who ends up winning the traffic war.”

Remember, browsers on the Web stopped at your business blog because they were searching for something you know how to do or for something you sell.  Present yourself and your business as expert, experienced, and professional. Whether what you’re presenting is based on your own actual experience or gathered from others in your field, share with readers something they may not have known before.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Shakespeare reminds us.  Well, expertise by any other name is sweet when shared in business blogs!

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