Help Business Blog Readers Jump to the Right Conclusions

“With 1.5 crimes per citizen, Vatican City has the highest crime rate in the world.” Is that statement factual?  Indeed. Without further explanation, though, the sentence is highly misleading. As Mental Floss: the Book explains, “It’s not that the cardinals are donning masks and repeatedly robbing the bank. It’s the massive crowds of tourists that make Vatican City a pickpocket’s paradise.”

We business bloggers are nothing if not interpreters. Effective blog posts must go from information-dispensing to offering the business owner’s (or the professional’s, or the organizational executive’s) unique perspective on issues related to the search topic.

One use of corporate blog content writing is putting your own “spin” on any messages the public might be receiving about your industry – or about you – from competitors or critics. Sometimes negative perceptions arise from inaccurate press statements, but often, accurate information, incompletely explained (such as the fact about the Vatican City crime rate), causes negative perceptions.  Blogs are a way for business owners to exercise a degree of control over myths and misunderstandings.

In today’s world, readers are subjected to an overload of “spin”, and often mistrust the information they’re provided.  In my work as a corporate blogging trainer, I stress that as business owners and professional practitioners craft their messages, it’s important to use “honest” spin. The challenge is to debunk negative first impressions, so that what we convey to clients and customers (and to the online searchers who are our prospects) needs to alleviate mistrust and create confidence.

Business blogs help readers jump to the right conclusions!

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