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The “Nostalgia Digest” reminded me of the important role “history” old rag doll with heart lollipopplays in blog content writing for business. The story about Raggedy Ann finally being accepted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2002 called my attention to these toys, and in fact, got me thinking about toys in general.

Raggedy Ann creator Johnny Gruelle’s daughter, I learned, was deathly ill.  Looking for something to brighten her spirits, Gruelle came across an old rag doll which his grandmother had made.  Gruelle added two shiny shoe-button eyes, and painted a nose, brows, and mouth.  For the name, Gruelle took inspiration from two stories written by family friend James Whitcomb Riley”: “Little Orphant Annie” and “The Raggedy Man”.

Years later, Gruelle acquired a patent and, in 1924, began manufacturing dolls to be used as store window displays, in addition to producing Raggedy Ann books.

Posting blogs with history-of-our-company background stories can have a humanizing effect, engaging readers and creating feelings of empathy and admiration for the business owners or professional practitioners who overcame adversity.

Wayne Klatt’s article “Straight from the Heart” in Nostalgia Digest offers a perspective: “Two dolls with perpetually cheerful expressions might seem out of place in a world dominated by battery-powered toys and startlingly realistic video games.  But Raggedy Ann and Andy were never about competing.  They remain as they always were: a creation that was not made as a commercial calculation, but as a gesture of love to a little girl who deserved it.”

All too often, I find, there’s an overload of information and an under-serving of perspective. As a corporate blogging trainer, I remind newbie writers that there’s no lack of sources available to our readers. In our blogs, therefore, we need to go beyond presenting facts, statistics, features and benefits, and broadcast a firm stance.

The background story of Raggedy Ann has power, but that’s all the more true because Klatt is helping us see that story in a certain way. The personal sentiment adds authenticity and sincerity, making the material that much more engaging.

Nostalgia is no no-no in blogging for business!

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