Questions to Kickstart Your Blog Writing

Young man start running #2Often, writers will do interviews to gain background information for an article or a novel, and offers a great list of questions to get those interviewees talking. The answers to those questions, I think, make for exactly the kind of content most likely to humanize business blog posts, revealing the real people behind the pages of a business’ or a practice’s website.

As a content writer, you’re after the story behind the page, I teach in corporate blogging training sessions:

  • What were your goals when you began your business/practice/organization?
  • What helped you make up your mind to do it?
  • What obstacles did you face?
  • How did you find solutions to those obstacles?

Skillful business blog writing reveals the person behind the page:

  • Why is your work important?
  • What have you accomplished that makes you most proud?
  • What mistakes did you make and what did you learn from those mistakes?

Two of the “Four P’s of Businss Blogging”, after all, are passion and personality. In business blog posts, as compared to brochures, ads, or even the website, it’s easier to communicate the unique personality and core beliefs of the business owners.  Over time, in fact a business blog becomes the “voice” of the corporate culture, whether the “corporation” (or partnership or LLC) consists of one person or many.

It’s important for readers to understand the opinion behind the page:

  • How do you see the future bringing changes in your industry or profession?
  • What are the biggest concerns you and your competitors must deal with now?

Prospective clients and customers want to sense leadership, to “meet” business owners and professionals who have strong opinions about important issues in their field.

As blog content writer interviewers, we really asking all those questions on behalf of online readers, helping them feel good about making the decision to deal with our clients.

Interview questions are a great way to kickstart blog writing!

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