Taking Sides Against Yourself in Your Business Blog

“Your real life conflicts are full of riches to be mined for your fiction, observes Chitra Benerjee Divkaruni in Writer’s Digest.  You may find, though, Divdaruni points out, that you’re too close to the subject matter of your life’s battles to achieve the objectivity you need.

Objectivity is an issue in writing blogs as well. Sometimes, the “outside eye” of a professional blog writer can tell the story even better than the business owner herself. As fellow blogger Phil Steele suggests, business blog writing should be aimed at taking a bird’s-eye view of one’s industry, and only then relating back to one’s own business and its challenges and accomplishments.

Business coach Jack Klemeyer agrees.  Offering an explanation for the fact that top-notch sports pros hire coaches, he says “Coaches offer a bird’s eye view on whatever it is that is going on…A good coach can see things objectively without emotional connection to the situation.”

In an ideal corporate blogging situation, the very process of collaborating with a blog content writer will be one of self discover for the business owner or practitioner.
“Try stepping into your adversary’s shoes with honest empathy, and you just might find the fresh perspective your story needs,” Sivkaruni advises novelists. I advise freelance blog writers in Indianapolis to include stories of their clients’ past mistakes and failures. Such stories have a humanizing effect, engaging readers and creating feelings of empathy and admiration for the business owners or professional practitioners who overcame not only adversity, but the effects of their own mistakes!

A good “ghost blogger” can do much more than “say it for you”, helping you “take sides against yourself” in your business blog! 

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