To Become a Great Business Blogger, Become a Know-it-All

 Wow!  Fellow blogging coach Jon Morrow really is painfully honest in his “How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers”! Reality is, Morrow explains to readers dissatisfied with traffic to their blogs, “popular bloggers are smarter than you are.”

One thing that makes those popular bloggers smarter is, according to Morrow, “They know damn near everything about their topic.  And if they don’t know it, it’s in their reading pile.” So does that mean all the rest of us blog content writers are doomed?  Not at all, says Morrow.  This isn’t about genetics or inborn talent, he asserts. It’s about deciding who you want to be and making yourself smarter. It’s about working to become a know-it-all.

As for Morrow himself, he listens to interviews during breakfast, reads nonfiction over lunch, watches “the smartest TV he can find” during dinner and the day’s news afterwards, then some nonfiction before going to bed.  In the car, he listens to books on tape, and spends a portion of each weekend watching recordings of conferences he couldn’t attend.

The bottom line of this “letting us have it” essay is that “Blogging isn’t only about SEO or social networking.”  It’s about us, we business bloggers need to realize.  We have to change, surrounding ourselves with smart people, burying ourselves in books, and “cutting the crap” (his words, not mine) that he says is distracting us out of our lives.

”Read around, learn around” is my version of Morrow’s advice. Ideas are all over the place, all of the time, but we’ve got to see and hear those ideas, learning everywhere and from everyone, making connections between our own experience and knowledge and Other People’s Wisdom.  We business bloggers then share that OPW in blog posts to help visitors understand what our business owner clients do, what they sell, and what their businesses are really all about.

I agree with Jon Morrow – becoming “know-it-alls” is what it’s all about for us content  writers!

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