Tying Blog Content to Top Topics

“To have a fair idea what people are searching online can make or break an online business,” says Ashish Paliwal. Even though today’s most searched topic won’t be what’s talked about tomorrow, he adds, knowing what’s popular definitely gives you an edge.

Sex (no surprise) has always topped the search popularity charts, with health, celebrities, and sports following close behind. Job searches, software and music have always been popular, Paliwal points out.  Of course “how-tos” (everything from becoming fit to killing oneself) have maintained top spots.

Getting personal is a huge element in the success of any SEO marketing blog. Sure, Indianapolis blog content writers must focus on personal anecdotes and on the personal values of the business owners and of the people delivering professional services. But, to give the blog that needed extra boost, the content should actually reflect and even allude to current happenings and concerns.

When we bloggers enter conversations that are trending at the time and tie our blog content to those current events, that serves the dual purpose of “playing off” already existing popular interest while possibly earning search engine “Brownie points” as well.

The tactic of using your business blog as a sort of “update center” on what’s happening is especially appropriate for businesses in industries undergoing changes – new legislation, new discoveries, new technological advances.  Real estate, mortgages, jobs, and life sciences are three areas that spring to mind, but no matter what the industry, keeping blog material relevant depends on staying current.

Keeping up may be the secret to moving up (in search engine rankings, that is), while offering real value to your existing clients and all those soon-to-be customers!

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