What-Can-I-Make-Fresh-For-You-Today Blogging for Business

fast food Orange fast food iconAmazing, the difference your customers’ first encounter with you will make to your success in business!  And, if that encounter takes place online (as so often proves the case today), the one chance you’ll be given to make a great first impression is going to come through your business blog.

I had occasion to think about this the other day – a lot, in fact. Due to an over- programmed schedule of meetings and errands, I had ended up needing to purchase two of my three meals at the drive-in windows of fast food restaurants.
The first encounter (under some Golden Arches), was negative from the start. While I fumbled to find the exact change, the first attendant slammed the window closed, then (in a voice dripping with malice) said, “It’s THIRTY-seven cents.”  The attendant at the second window practically threw the paper bag containing my breakfast into my car, then shut the window hastily. Whew! Talk about losing one’s appetite!

Later that day, in stark contrast, I had one of the best customer experiences anyone would want. As I pulled up to the Arby’s ordering microphone, a smiling voice (you could just tell!) asked, “What can I make for you fresh today?”

Think about that sentence for a moment: This guy was offering to make something just for me, and not just any something, but something fresh!  (I was just about ready to sign up for a lifetime of that kind of service…)

Statistically, marketing blogs are most likely to be read by potential clients as opposed to existing ones. As a content writer, you have only a few seconds to help readers put themselves into the scene, envisioning the savings, the satisfaction, the pride, the increased health and improved appearance they’ll enjoy after using your product or service.

What sort of fresh first impression will you be making on those first-time blog visitors today?

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