“Why Can’t…?” Blogging for Business

“Why can’t I use my cell phone on an airplane?” ask the editors of Mental Floss: the Book. (Note to argumentative readers of this Say It For You blog: The FCC is considering lifting the in-flight cell phone ban.)

Nobody likes to be told “You can’t…”, but explaining the reasoning behind the “Can’t” has a remarkably calming effect. Whenever we business blog writers can debunk and demystify information for our readers, that helps establish our (or our client’s) expertise and even enhances the business’ or the practice’s likeability quotient. 

The real reason, (I learned courtesy of Mental Floss editors), authorities don’t want us flipping open our mobile phones, is that mid-flight cell phone use impacts cell phone service on the ground. Calls made while we’re moving through the friendly skies at 550 mph. would connect with multiple towers at once, eating up much valuable space on the circuit. 

See? Don’t you feel better knowing the reasoning behind the rule? There’s only one problem here – even though most readers spend lots more time on the ground than in the air, when they are flying, their concern is with their own convenience.  Having learned the reasoning behind the in-flight cell phone ban, readers are still left with the “So, WIIFM?” question (What’s In It For Me?).

“Why-Can’t…?” blog writing as a marketing tactic  will succeed only to the extent readers know what’s in it for them. The USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) in a product or service might include, as Jane Sheeba points out:

  • High efficiency
  • Time saving
  • Cost savings
  • Low maintenance
  • Support availability
  • Guarantees or warranties

If, as a blog content writer, you’re using the Why-Can’t…? card, be prepared to address readers’ concerns about why this particular product or service is a good idea for them.

In other words, start with the “Why-Can’t..? but continue on to the “You CAN…”!


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