3 Indiana Business Blog Writing Tips from 3 Indiana Marketing Mavens

 Don’t default to creating marketing materials that are nothing more than larger versions of your business card, pieces that focus on your experience, your education, and your services, advises Marketing Bootcamp instructor Angela Phebus.  “Remember,” Phebus says, “what your prospective clients actually care about is the RESULT they will experience if they work with you.”

As a corporate blogging trainer, I make the same point.  While business blog posts are part of a company’s marketing plan, blogs are not the same as advertisements, billboards, or even brochures.  What freelance blog content writers do is help business owners communicate to readers a vision of themselves feeling safer, healthier, more comfortable, better looking, happier, or wealthier. SEO marketing blogs are all about What’s In It For Them!


 In “Twelve Tips for Writing Better Marketing Brochures”, another local marketing maven, Al Trestrail, offers more valuable advice for content creation: “Putting helpful information in your brochure will encourage the reader to keep it, refer to it often, or pass it on to other people”, Trestrail explains.

Indianapolis blog writers can accomplish some of the same things by including helpful, usable information.  The “teaching” aspect of blogging consists of confirming information readers already know, but capturing concepts in a whole new light.  An “I didn’t realize that…” response might encourage readers to “favorite” the post, and, hopefully, pass it on to other people.



Why would I want to buy what you’re selling if you don’t have ‘curb appeal’? asks Susan Young of AimFire Marketing. From your storefront to your website to the way you dress for Chamber luncheons, people do notice the way you’re representing yourself and your business.

From my viewpoint as a professional blog writer, the corporate blog writing equivalent of curb appeal includes

  • Appropriate grammar and spelling
  • Clear navigation paths when readers want to follow a Call to Action
  • An uncluttered, well-organized blog page

Need business blogging help? Take a tip from Indiana marketing mavens.  Better yet, take three!

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