A Blog is a Virtual Referral – special guest post by Cindy Hartman

Cindy HartmanToday’s Say It For You blog post is contributed by my friend Cindy Hartman, blogger and business owner.

Networking is one of the best methods for entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners to introduce – and create visibility for – their businesses. As the owner of a personal property inventory service, I have found networking, and the resulting referrals, is the best method to grow my business. Referrals and connections gained through networking are key to the growth of Hartman Inventory.

So if networking and referrals are the preferred way to build a business, why spend time blogging when I can be networking? Because a blog can be a virtual referral! As a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), which gives me the opportunity to meet women throughout the country, my true reach through networking is still local.

Since it is impossible to meet everyone face-to-face, my blog provides the introduction I might never have received. The posts explain why people and businesses need an inventory, provide some insight to who we, as owners, are and share knowledge gained throughout the years. You then determine whether you have an interest to learn more, at which point you can visit our website. The blog has now become the referral source!

I also write a blog for Hartman Inventory Systems, a turnkey business package. It allows me to reach out to those nationally who are ready to start a business. The ability to have access nation-wide through a blog is essential when seeking connections outside of your local market. Those interested in starting their own inventory company can meet me and learn about our company through these articles.

Our customers have stated that reading my business blog helped them decide to work with us. What did they learn through these articles? They found that we have a very high level of knowledge of the personal property inventory industry, what type of people we are, that we provide a great deal of support and assistance as they start and grow their own business, but that we are less costly than a franchise. It was the blog, and what they learned by reading it, that encouraged them to contact us!

So when asked why I spend my time blogging, I have a very solid, convincing answer. Blogging brings visibility to our inventory service (local) and our turnkey business package (national). It provides credibility within our industry and familiarity with potential customers. Blogging serves as a virtual referral source.

Corporate blogging for business has become the centerpiece for business’ marketing strategy and tactics development, around which an entire social media management package can be built. As a longtime blog content writer, iI heartily agree with Cidy that blogging can serve as a virtual referral source, helping businesses reach further than they otherwise could.  Rhoda

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