A-Day-in-the-Life-Of Approach to Blog Writing for Business

It isn’t a blog post, but an article in Employee Benefit Advisor magazine. Still, I think the “A Day in the Life of….” .approach would be a good one for business blogging:

The article describes a sample day in the life of Anne Petry, an insurance broker and consultant in Forsythe, Illinois, beginning with her 5:30AM morning run with her husband, and ending at 10PM.  I think the same format could be effective in blog posts showcasing individual professional practitioners such as lawyers, doctors and counselors.  For businesses, the ‘day-in-the-life-of” might track the activities of a small business owner or of either front line or back office employees.

Here’s why I like the Day-in-the-Life-of idea:

  • Your website cannot hope to tell your story completely. Day-in-the-life content helps potential and current customers picture themselves getting to know and like the people with whom they’ll be dealing.
  • It incorporates real-life examples of helping clients. (Petry describes discussing life insurance with a couple of newlyweds planning to start a family.)
  • It offers insight into the professional study and preparation that goes into providing services to the public. (Petry describes lunch with a carrier rep to discuss the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and how diligent she needs to be in continually educating herself.)

What I have found over the years of content marketing through blogs, social media, and PR pieces, is that each Say It For You business client has an important message to spread. The blog content writer needs to ‘buy into” business owners’ or professionals’ passion and their special slant on their industry or profession and put a “voice” to those concepts.

One way Indianapolis freelance blog writers can do just that is writing “A Day in the Life Of..” business blog posts!


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