A Witty, Wise Dinner Guide in Blogging for Business

Remember Grandma’s advice about packing for a trip (take half the clothes and twice the money)? The Readers Digest “Witty, Wise Dinner Guide” has three tips that are just that practical and memorable:

  • When you taste a dish and wonder what’s missing, the answer is usually acid.
  • Always cook more spinach than you think you’ll need.
  • The juiciest limes are the small ones with the smooth skin.

No, the words don’t rhyme here, but the words to the old song apply nevertheless: Tips and business blog posts go together like….a horse and carriage. In fact, usable information in well-organized format, is the stuff effective blogging for business is made of.

A realtor’s blog might offer tips for buying a house. A restaurant’s blog might offer tips on tipping etiquette or the temperature of “rare”, “medium”, and “well-done” steaks. Whatever the product or service, readers will be hungry for information that helps them gain maximum advantage for buying and using it.

What about wise, witty tips for writing itself, especially for blogs or web copy? Treehouse.com offers one:  Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very”.  Your editor will delete the “damns” and your writing will be just the way it should be.

“Vary the length of your sentences.”  “Use active verbs.”  “Use specific nouns.” are three tips offered by Richard Nordquest in About.com.

Another way to achieve greater “pow”, according to James Smith, is to cut down on the adverbs. “Use stronger verbs,” he explains, “and you’ll find you don’t need the help of adverbs.

Whatever the topic, it makes sense to offer a witty, wise “dinner guide” in blogging for business!


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