Add To Your Expert Power by Blogging for Business

Not only will keeping up with industry news help you make better decisions for your business or practice, points out, it’s the key to building expert power, earning the trust and respect of people around you.
Why is expert power so important in leadership?  “If they can see your expertise, team members will believe that you have the wisdom to direct their efforts towards a goal that is genuinely worthwhile,” mindtools goes on to explain.

Trust is a mightily important element in SEO marketing blogs. Sales trainer Tim Roberts talks about validating customers and becoming their Trusted Advisor! When it comes to blogging for business, remember that readers found your blog in the first place because what they needed corresponded with what you sell, what you know, and what you know how to do. Now that those searchers are “meeting” you through your content, you have the chance to establish credibility and reliability. One way to come across as an expert is to share valuable information you’ve learned by staying abreast with the latest developments in your field.

Besides coming across as more credible, when business owners or professional practitioners stay up to date in their fields, explains, they are in a better position to spot threats and opportunities early on.

Sometimes, an “outside eye” can be the first to pinpoint those threats and opportunities. A “ghost blogger” can do much more than “say it for you”.  In fact, through the research we constantly are doing, we freelance blog content writers sometimes spot trends in the marketplace even before our clients do!

“So you don’t have to…” is a popular advertising slogan for different kinds of concierge service providers. Those words, I believe, have become popular because they describe what customers and clients want from providers.  In considering a product or service purchase, the client expects the provider to have expert power. Mindtools has it exactly right – If they can see your expertise, prospects will believe you have the wisdom to direct their efforts towards a goal that is genuinely worthwhile.”

Add to your expert power by blogging for business!


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