Amazing Doesn’t Have To Be Harder To Find

"Lots of organizations have used the downturn as an excuse to trim people who weren’t producing.  So," remarks blog maven Seth Godin (who seems to have wisdom to share on a variety of topics), "if you need cheap bodies, this is your moment."

"But," concludes Godin (and here’s where I think Seth’s analysis of employment markets applies, yet does not apply, to business bloggers), "if you need amazing people. be prepared to work hard to find them."

On the one hand, yes, it’s hard to compose amazing blog posts week after week, year after year (that’s true even for professional ghost bloggers like me!). Reassuringly for business owners, though, even unimaginative blogs have proven themselves to be valuable components of  businesses’ marketing strategy.

The point I want to make, though, is that every once in a while, a business blogger "nails it" with some brilliant blog posts that truly do the business proud in the way they convey the company’s special expertise and uniqueness. 

Remember that the whole point of business blogging is that you, the business owner, are not going out to find anyone.  Blog marketing is "pull marketing"; the point is to make it easy for them to find you! Then, once they have found you, the "amazement" factor comes into play by keeping the time – and that time is counted in seconds, not minutes – between those visitors’ arrival and their becoming engaged with your content, to an absolute minimum.

The two crucial factors in that engagement process, as I brought out in a former blog post (see "Top Reasons Blogs Get Read And Speakers Get Hired"), are:

1. The readers can quickly determine that the blog’s content matches their needs.

2. The blog offers expert (a.k.a. amazing) information and advice in an unusual, yet professional, easy-to-understand way.

Amazingly, when it comes to helping searchers FIND your blog – with a little bit of planning, market research, and the use of key words and phrases – that  part needn’t be difficult at all. Writing amazing blogs – ( to borrow a tag line from a credit card company) – that could be priceless!


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