Another Year, More and Better Business Blogs

Did you know – there are as many as eighty different New Year’s Days celebrated around the world?  I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate two of them each year (Rosh Hashana in the fall and the one set by Julius Caesar that we’re observing today).

There’s much for me to be grateful for. My very first piece of writing as a professional ghost blogger went “live” in October of 2007, and last night ushered in the eighth year for my business blogging content writing company Say It For You. In 2013 my writers and I crossed the 10,000 mark of blog posts, web pages, newsletters, brochures, e-books, and articles completed.

Lots has changed in the search engine marketing and social media world, but I’m proud that the “Power of One” focus of our business model has stayed the same:

  • One writer. Each client company is assigned a single blog content writer dedicated to understanding and giving voice to that business' goals.
  • One client per field. Say It For You accepts only one client in each field of business per market. That way, all writing done as part of that client's marketing strategy and tactics development can be devoted towards helping that business stand out from its competitors.
  • One-on-one contact. Initial in-person meetings and phone conferences, plus periodic meetings for follow-up and assessment, help our corporate blog writing remain true to clients' changing needs.

Some “not-to-do” New Year’s resolutions I urge on the Indiana blog content writers I train:

  • Not squeezing too much content into any one blog post.
  • Not getting too technical, focusing on concepts and results that readers can achieve.
  • Not getting too sales-ey.

“To-do” positive New Year’s resolutions for business owners, professional practitioners, and freelance blog content writers include:

  • Addressing readers’ needs, problems, and questions, always keeping content about them rather than about you.
  • Using varied forms of CTA (Calls to Action) that offer choices to online searchers.
  • Debunking myths about your industry.

Ready or not, here comes another year! Join me in a toast to more and better business blogs!

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