As a Blog Content Writer, What “Wires” Can You Remove?

Bose music systemThree negatives – no tangle of wires, no dials to adjust, no stack of components – equal one very positive selling point for the Bose Wave® music system, as I was reminded the other day in a magazine ad.  Now there’s an idea I, as a corporate blogging trainer, can embrace – turning negatives into positives in business blog writing!

Apparently, authors Kevin and Shawn Coynes agree, because their new book Brainsteering (a must-read for anyone providing blog writing services) lists, as a key question for marketers to ask themselves, "What’s the biggest (avoidable) hassle that our customers have to put up with?" (That’s a question I can ask each business owner client to whom I’m offering business blogging assistance.)

As an Indianapolis blog writer, then, I need to urge each business owner client to pinpoint avoidable negatives that can turn into positive reasons compelling enough for online readers to respond to Calls the Action in their SEO marketing blog.

The Coynes take note of the fact that "the Gilette Corporation became rich realizing the inconvenience of sharpening a safety razor after each use, and then coming up with a solution to that ‘hassle’."

In writing for business, it’s crucial to help "remove the wires from your music system" and the need to repeatedly sharpen your razor, reminding readers of the annoyances and hassles they’re experiencing with their present providers and products.  Presto!  Your blog posts go on to describe the perfect, hassle-free solution to their problems.

One form of business blogging help would be asking the question, "What wires can you remove for readers of your blog?"

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