Bad-Blog Behaviors to Avoid in Blogging for Business

eye rollingGallop found that no single factor more clearly predicts the productivity of an employee than the relationship with his direct supervisor, explains professional trainer Marlene Chism.

Since my goal in corporate blogging training is to help companies initiate productive relationships with customers and clients, I thought Chism’s list of “bad-boss” behaviors to avoid might prove very useful to blog content writers as they smooth the path for online searchers who are considering using their companies’ products and services.

Leadership No-no: Multi-tasking – Focus on and be present to the person in front of you.

I’d point out two things to Indianapolis blog writers about focus:

  1. The most effective individual blog posts have a razor-sharp focus on one, and only one, aspect of the business or on one opinion or attitude the business owner has about current happenings in his/her field.
  2. So much information has been put out there in the form of corporate blogging for business that it becomes essential for blog content writers to focus on a target audience,  The loud-and-clear needs to be that you understand them, you serve their specific needs, and that you’re targeting them.

Leadership No-no: Eye-rolling – You’re showing you don’t respect the other person and come across as superior or snobbish.

The typical website explains what products and services the company offices, the geographical area in which it operates, and who the players are. In offering business blogging assistance, I explain that the blog is there to flesh out the intangibles, to express those things that make a company stand out from its peers.  The SEO marketing blog helped bring readers to the blog, but now the content must address the unspoken questions

  • So, is that any different from all the others?
  • So, is that good for me?

The skill in providing blog writing services  lies in answering those questions while yet allowing readers to feel they’re being given valid information and then being encouraged to draw their own conclusions.

Leadership No-no: Justifying mistakes – You have a higher rank and have to play a higher game, not shifting blame but taking responsibility.

With it being such an easy matter to add new material on the blog, business owners can exercise control over the way the public perceives any negative developments.  In fact, a business blog is the ideal vehicle for correcting any inaccurate press statements.  But, rather than justifying mistakes, by remaining current and involved, blog content writers can help the business directly confront whatever is happening, take responsibility, and explain what new measures have been put into place to avoid such mistakes in the future.( In a situation involving only one individual, the conversation can be continued “offline”.)

Fixing these no-no behaviors can pay big dividends, Chism explains, building a more loyal and engaged workforce for any leader. For business owners or for those they’ve hired to provide business blogging services, learning to avoid these bad-blog behaviors can help build a more loyal and engaged readership.

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