Best Reader-Hunting Tips For Blogs

The teen job-hunting tips offered by the family finance organization Share Save Spend might have been written for bloggers.

Stay In The Sweet Spot
"Your kid may now be up against adult competition for retail and restaurant jobs, so steer him to city-run youth programs, amusement parks, pools, and camps."

Target your blog posts to a specific niche in your market, selecting key word search terms that are not so competitive you have little chance of "winning search". Expert SEO (search engine optimization) advice can go a log way in moving your blog higher in search engine rankings.

Capitalize On Face Time
"Employers may be more apt to hire your teen if he frequents their business, so advise him to look for HELP WANTED signs where he’s a regular (comic stores, guitar shops)."

This piece of advice relates to blogs in several ways.  First, to increase traffic to your blog, go "out" and visit other blogs, leaving comments and starting a dialogue. Second, you can put out a survey question, or set up an opinion forum, anything to  make visitors feel a personal touch.

Keep The Presentation Professional
"In a crowded market, he has to set himself apart.  Help him make business cards and/or resumes highlighting his qualifications."

As I’ve emphasized in former blog posts, when posting a blog in the name of your business, you’re "putting yourself out there" every bit as much as you would be in a job interview.  You always want to make sure poor usage and misspelled words aren’t detracting from your message and from the impression you’re leaving with readers.

"In today’s economy, just finding a summertime gig may be hard work for your kid. Get the job-seeking going with smart strategies," advises Share Save Spend.

Attracting the attention of search engines and the loyalty of readers is hard work for your blog – no doubt about it!  Blog posts need to be well-researched, create interest in readers and keep them coming back. 


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