Big Enough, Small Enough Blogging for Business

I know, I know.  One of the cardinal rules I keep stressing about how to write a blog is that blogs are not ads. That doesn’t mean, though, that we blog content writers can’t learn a thing or two from great ad copy.  The other day, I did just that when I heard a Barth Electric radio commercial. 

The tag line went,

Big enough for the Indianapolis Airport, small enough for your mother.”

“What a great example of writing for business,” I thought, particularly when it comes to corporate blog writing. In fact, while providing blog writing services, I like to tell business owners and practitioners that I’m helping them “meet strangers”.  Those readers who, until they find your blog are unfamiliar with your business or practice, I say, need some framework in order to judge whether you’re a good fit for their needs. Are you “too big” to care about a smaller client?  Are you accustomed and equipped to take on larger assignments? Just where do you “fit” within your industry or profession?

One of the most important functions of a business blog, I explain to Say It For You clients and to newbie freelance content writers, is assuring readers they’ve come to the right place, to a company or professional who fits their “size” and their needs.  Blog writing, with its constantly changing content and more personal, conversational style, is perfect for conveying that sense of “fit”, and helping readers “size you up”, I add.

Although I think the Barth tag line does a superb job of capturing that “right-sizing” concept, it’s still just that – one line. A business blog, by contrast, consists of many, many posts spread out over a long period of time, clarifying, adding, proving, restating, giving examples, testimonials, stories, “building the case” over time.

What are you big enough for? What are you never too big for? Blogging for business is the perfect way to take a tag line and “fill in the blanks”!

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