Bigger Than the Bible in Your Business Blog

Hearing a radio host quote David Camp, chairman of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, reminded me how important it is, in business blog writing, to put things in context.

In talking about the tax code needing to be reformed, he said, "It’s bigger than the Bible but not nearly as helpful."

volumesCamp was being waggish, to be sure, but here’s the aspect of that remark I believe can be of business blogging help: Unless you’re a CPA, chances are you really don’t know how big the tax code document is, so comparing it to something familiar to emphasize its magnitude is an effective way to get the point across. It’s  part of good blog marketing strategy to help online searchers "take your business measure", so as to put what you do in context.

One thing I’ve come to realize as a freelance SEO copywriter is that readers of your SEO marketing blog know what they need, and in fact have found your blog because what you offer is a good match for those needs, but at the same time, they almost certainly lack expert knowledge in your field. They literally don’t know how to judge the validity of the information you’re providing in the content of your business blog posts

  • Are your prices fair compared to your peers?
  • Are your services different from those offered by competitors?
  • How big are you compared to others in your field? (If smaller, how is that good? If bigger, how is that a good thing for the customer?)

As a professional ghost blogger teaching corporate blogging for business, I emphasize putting claims in context. Whatever statistic you might mention, whatever claim you make about your business, whatever information you provide about what you know, what you do, and what you sell, put it in the context of all the choices out there. 

One of the most important things I can do in offering blog writing help is to remind business owners to clearly show why a fact is important and why it’s good for the blog readers who are your potential buyers.

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