Blog Content Caution: You Can’t Sell French Wine to the Tune of German Music

More French wines get sold when French music is played in the liquor store, and more German wine sales happen when German music is playing in the background, we learn in Marketing News.

No one has a greater need to stay aware of the role of the non-rational in consumer decision-making than business blog content writers, I would say. Books like Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow offer many such examples of non-rational consumer behavior.  From my point of view as a corporate blogging trainer, I think the take-away for us is to go beyond calls to action and harness the power of suggestion.

“Consumers will prefer whatever beverage they taste after seeing a Coke image.” Just think about that statement from the business blog writer’s point of view: When online visitors read your blog, it’s because they’re already “thirsty” (seeking information, product, or services that relate to your topic)! Not only does that offer you the chance to reinforce those readers’ sense of urgency, but the content writing itself can create “atmosphere” and “background music”.

Once the basic connection has been established through the blog post title and some attention-getting statement or statistic, we blog content writers have our real work cut out for us – creating the emotional connection with readers using the right “background music”.

Communications consultant Milo Frank has a message every blog content writer needs to hear. Imagery helps make SEO marketing blogs more engaging. In business communications, the author admits, there’s room for technical, precise language, but the key factor is to get readers to “see” and “hear” as well as read your message.

Of course, actual images – video clips, photos, stock art – can add impact to Indianapolis bloggers’ work, but aside from those actual pictures and sounds, freelance blog writers can paint pictures through words.

Have you worked on the “background music” for your marketing blog?

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