Blog Content Writers Like Martha Washington’s Household Staff

We business blog content writers are rather like First Lady Martha Washington’s household staff.

Of course, with dozens of kitchen and dining room servants, Mrs. Washington didn’t have to actually prepare the meals served in the first presidential White Houses (in Mt. Vernon and New York).  On the other hand, we’re told, she personally supervised the staff to be sure every dish was prepared precisely as called for her family heirloom cookbook.

So where’s the analogy? As Indianapolis freelance blog content writers, I and my Say It For You colleagues are part of a relatively small, elite group of specialty writers for hire. The reason modern business owners and professional practitioners use bloggers is that there’s not enough time, discipline, or writing skill for them to do it themselves. Still, as was the case with Mrs. Washington, it’s important for the business owner to provide some “supervision” and to set the tone and direction for the blog writing.

Actually, George Washington, like his wife, had writing help, using several very famous ghostwriters, including Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison to compose his political speeches and writings.

What I have found over the years of content marketing through blogs, social media, and PR pieces, is that each Say It For You business client has an important message to spread. The blog content writer needs to ‘buy into” business owners’ or professionals’ passion and special slant on their industry or profession and put a “voice” to those concepts.

Like Martha Washington’s household staff, we content writers actually prepare the food.  The recipe, though?  That needs to take inspiration from the owner or practitioner and from the employees!

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