Blog Content Writing Can Promote a Purse or a Person

“We see potential everywhere, whether it’s a purse or a person,” declares the Goodwill Guy in the TV ad, referring to the fact that donations of goods are turned into cash that goes to help train workers.  

With my ear always to the ground, alert for interesting word tidbits, I thought about that phrase “purse or person”.  As a professional blogger and corporate blogging trainer, I help business owners market tangible products (the “purses”).  In addition, I offer business blogging help to professionals such as attorneys, insurance agents, and physicians (the “persons”). Like the Goodwill Guy, I’ve helped realize the potential in both those marketing situations.

“Tangible products are goods that a buyer can see, touch and feel. Intangible products, or services, are solutions that offer benefits such as convenience, efficiency or expertise but no hard goods,” explains Neil Kulkemuller of Demand Media. “Selling tangible and intangible benefits requires distinct strategies and different persuasive tools,” he adds. A high-quality tangible product can often be witnessed directly by the buyer,Kulkemuller goes on to say, while an intangible solution relies more on the levels of trust and confidence.

At Say It for You, we’ve come to realize, it’s the job of us Indianapolis business blog writers to  “flesh out” the intangibles of both purses and persons. For every fact about the company or about one of its products or services, a blog post addresses unspoken questions such as “So, is that different?”, “So, is that good for me?” 

Whether a business owner is composing his/her own blog posts or collaborating with a professional ghost blogger, it’s simply not enough to provide information to online searchers who’ve landed on a company’s SEO corporate blog. The facts. which are the raw ingredients, need to be “translated” into emotional terms that compel reaction – and action – in readers. That’s true, I find, for both tangible products and professional services.

“Blogging,” says Practical eCommerce’s Paul Chaney, “consists of one person – or one company – communicating directly with consumers in an unfettered, unfiltered manner.” That “one person”, I explain to newbie freelance blog content writers, might be a giant corporation or a  mom-and-pop operation, and might be selling either a tangible good or a service. With blog writing for business, we see potential everywhere!


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