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Talk about a “sense” for marketing – the June 22nd issue of the Indianapolis Star, in an article about car dealers’ flagging sales, singled out Colussy Chevrolet in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.  Tim Colussy says he uses a box that sends up puffs of “new car” scent as part of his overall plan to entice buyers to visit his dealership (and to leave driving a new car).
new car
In a sense (pun intended), that’s exactly what a well-conceived business blog is out to achieve – lure internet customers to read the blog, then “enter” the website, and leave as a new customer or client.  The informally presented, relevant, and new information you provide in your blog is part of your business’ overall marketing strategy.

Reading further into the article, I learned Colussy does a lot more to market his dealership than blowing scent – he’s had the floors resealed and repaired, the lights brightened, added colorful displays, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi access, workstations, and a coffee bar.

Carrying on with my comparison, your blog is just one piece of the strategizing you do with your web designer, marketing consultant, ghost blogger, managers, and employees.  It’s all part of what sales trainers call your “unique selling proposition”.  Your blog is a key piece of that proposition.  It’s the” whiff that whets” – your potential customer’s appetite for doing business with you!

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