Blog Post Titles: Let Me Count The Ways

The Goodwill TV commercial sums it all up: there are four kinds of clothes in your closet, and if you give three of those to Goodwill, there will be room for the only kind worth keeping, meaning clothes you wear – and should. The other three categories:

  • Clothes you don’t wear
  • Clothes you shouldn’t wear
  • Clothes you can’t wear

The Goodwill four categories of clothes closet contents might apply to creating content for your business blog posts as well.

Posts You SHOULD blog:

  • Telling how you skillfully solved a common problem for a consumer
  • Describing an unusual use or application for your product or service
  • What your business core values are and how your "corporate culture" reflects those
  • Explaining what’s special about your product or service and what you’re trying to achieve


Posts You DON’T Blog (enough of):

  • Employee posts, composed by real people actually doing the work and talking to your customers
  • Testimonials from customers and clients
  • True tales and anecdotes of problems solved and successes
  • Recognizing other bloggers and sources on your topic

Posts you CAN’T blog:

  • Topics too big and broad that are outside the scope of your expertise. Your business blog is there to win friends and do business, not convert the world.
  • Information that is not "on brand". 


Posts you SHOULDN’T blog:

  • Negatives against competitors – accentuate the positive about YOU.
  • Posts that are too long and wordy
  • Posts that are too technical for the average readers to relate to him/herself
  • Posts that are too general, with nothing new to add that showcases your expertise and unique viewpoint

Even experienced business bloggers need to clean out and reorganize their content "closets" in order to continue earning the "good will" of online searchers!


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