Blog Posts Shouldn’t Be Stuffed – Or Stuffy!

Search engine optimization guru Aaron Wall says that the goal of the search engine is to mimic humans.  "So," he concludes, "if you write information that humans like, the search engines will eventually like it, too."  To Wall this means that "regardless of what type of blog you write and whether it’s in a competitive area or not, it’s important to write informative posts."

Yaro Starak, the "Blog Traffic King" agrees – sort of.  Increasing traffic is the core concern for most bloggers, Starak says, but you need people to read what you write, so you have to offer good information.

By now, business blogs have proven themselves in a big way.  Not only are blogs the "in thing" for business, they are startlingly less costly than business print ads, TV and radio advertising, or direct mail.  Blogs win with content, not cost, and with frequency and recency, not size, as I pointed out in a recent post.

Nobody likes "stuffiness" in humans, and nobody really likes overstuffed blogs.  Basically the idea of the blog is for you to show you know your stuff, but to do that without being stuffy in the way you present the material. A blog is more "advertorial" than advertisement, more information than sales spiel.  Physicians are taught "Above all, do no harm."  In blogging, above all, do no boring!

Key words and phrases are part of the "science" of blogging, and they are needed to help search engines direct searchers to you.  Still, it turns out to be a bad idea to overstuff the blog text with key words – it simply doesn’t sound natural.  We humans want to deal with professionals who know what they’re doing, but we don’t want them rubbing our faces in it!

Leaders share the credit, so linking to related articles and websites shows you’re confident in yourself, but that you know you don’t have a corner on all the information there is.  Your business blog is a way to earn trust and demonstrate your professionalism.

Pundits used to be fond of saying "Real men don’t eat quiche". Opinions may differ on that point, but there is no doubt whatever that Real People DO Read Blogs!


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