Blog Readers Want A Hole, Not A Drill!

Three marketing mavens, one message:

  1. Marketing expert Theodore Levitt told his MBA class at Harvard something bloggers for business would do well to heed: "People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole."
  2. "Truly successful marketers use reverse branding," blogger Ryan Karpeles emphasizes.  "People rarely think of your actual brand first.  They think about what they want.  Then they decide who, specifically, can fulfill that desire."
  3. Ron Karr, writing in Speaker Magazine, advises, "Sell the outcomes.  When someone’s deciding how to spend her limited budget, she will invest in services that help her achieve her goals. In other words, she wants results."

Consumer Electronics retailers, says Karpeles, are constantly telling customers that they have "all the best technology" at "prices you can afford". The lesson here:  Customers don’t want technology.  They DO want to have an incredible home theater experiences.  They DO want to capture family memories.  They DO want to print documents from any computer in their home.

Are you describing products and services in your blog posts, or are you selling outcomes?

Do your blog post titles convey the message, "Positive outcomes can be found here!"?


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