Blog So They’ll Know It’s Not Just Them!

If tomato sauce turned one of your food containers orange, you’re not alone, Good Housekeeping assures readers.  The solution?  "Add Cascade Plastic Booster to your dishwasher to bring your plasticware back to its original hue."

In similar vein, theGood Housekeeping "You Mean It’s Not Just Me?" offers solutions to all manner of predicaments, from silverware losing its luster, reeking gymbags, or the lice your kids brought home from school.

What a perfect template that "Not Just Me" template could be, I can’t help thinking, when it comes to creating business blog posts!

  1. Assure searchers they’re not alone in their dilemma or needAu contraire – their situation is common and eminently fixable! Most important, hasten to assure searchers, you’ve solved these precise problems for customers and clients many times before – piece of cake!
  2. Tell readers how the fix is to be accomplished, liberally sprinkling the advice with hints of how your products and services play into the solution.
  3. Mix "we-can-do-that" with "it’s-not-just-you".
  4. Simmer over low heat.

Voila! You’ve got yourself an extremely effective "advertorial" business blog!


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