Bloggers Help Business Owners Stage Exhibits

As of a few weeks ago, at least twenty major U.S. art museums were without directors.  Newsweek commented on just how difficult it is to fill these positions with anywhere near perfect candidates. The magazine’s “Help Wanted: Museum Boss” article talked about some of the challenges of running a modern museum – dealing with huge staffs and groups of volunteers, handling budgets, running retail operations, attracting crowds to special exhibits, all amidst constant pressure to secure donations to pay for it all.  Museum trustees, Newsweek remarks, are looking for someone “who can collect like a connoisseur but compete like a CEO.”

Museum directors apparently need to juggle the demands of both art and commerce.  Juggling different roles is nothing new for my business owner clients. In fact, in my earlier blog You May Be A Finder, Binder, Minder, or Grinder – Are You A Writer?, I discussed the four different and distinct roles that must be filled in order for any business to succeed, pointing out that it’s very rare to find any one person who’s comfortable and skilled in all four.

What I’m finding, as I deal with entrepreneurs of every ilk, is that most business owners are aware that having an online presence, complete with a regular business blog, is an indispensable thing in today’s competitive – and digital – climate.  The problem, of course, is that, once Finding new business is accomplished, there’s still the Binding, Minding, and Grinding to be done, leaving precious little time for composing blogs.  A big part of the challenge is the need to post blogs with frequency and consistency, minimum requirements for success in climbing the search engine ladder.

Newsweek doesn’t suggest that finding multi-talented museum directors is an impossible task, only a near-impossible one, “like finding a lost Leonardo.  Everybody wants one, and good luck with the search.”  We all know entrepreneurs who wear many hats with consummate skill.  But, for others who lack the time and inclination (and, as some of my business owner clients are quick to admit, the talent) to write, one of us professional ghost bloggers can be hired for behind-the-scenes help in staging online “exhibits” by posting the most artful of business blogs!.

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