Blogging Ala Concierge

High-end residential complexes offer their services, as do all the best hotels.  Concierges help with everything from setting salon appointments, arranging luggage pickup from hotel rooms, booking tours, and offering sightseeing tips.

Personal concierges are the fastest-growing subset of the breed, running errands for people with little spare time (or for those who prefer to spend their time in pursuits more engaging than picking up groceries or dry cleaning).  My friend Judi Stephenson of Another You Concierge tells me her company performs thousands of different services ranging from party planning to dog-sitting.  In “Helping Hands”, Indianpolis Woman magazine described concierge services as freeing “those with hectic lives from mundane tasks”.

Businesses, particularly small businesses, need concierges, too.  Blogging, an essential customer acquisition tool in our increasingly web-based world, is no mundane task.  Still, few business owners, even with the help of talented employees, can spare the time to post relevant, new material with enough consistency and frequency to improve search engine rankings.
Concierges pick up stuff for clients: luggage, packages, children, arriving guests; a ghost blogger must “pick up” the business owner’s individual style and vision.  Concierges deliver stuff: mailings, groceries, gifts, messages, flowers, reservations, meals; ghost bloggers “deliver” content to the Web.  This, in turn, helps “deliver” traffic to the business’ website.

As Indianapolis Woman puts it, “You might find yourself wishing you had a clone, just to accomplish everything on your to-do list.”  Well, when it comes to blogging for business, your blog “concierge” can be your clone!

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