Blogging Better And Better

Driving along between business appointments the other day, I heard a radio commercial that I thought could be the perfect primer for blogs.  In just a couple of short seconds, I was informed that Porter Paint is better in the four ways that count:

  • Better products
  • Better technology
  • Better service
  • Better results

I’ve said it before – Your blog posts "give voice" to your business belief systems and goals. And if your goal is not only to say you’re better than your competitors, but to truly be better, aren’t those areas named in the Porter Paint ad exactly those areas in which your business needs to excel?

We hear a lot of the popular marketing term "branding". Business owners large and small put a lot of time and money into creating a brand name, a motto, and a logo. And, you know what?  You could look upon that list of four ways in which Porter Paint says it’s "better" as nothing more than a catchy motto for their radio ad. "Let’s see what happens when the paintbrush hits the wall", you might be thinking.

But, since a blog is an ongoing thing, there are going to be multiple chances to think through – and talk through – each one of those "better" items. Whether I’m training the business owner him or herself to create blog content, or whether they’re collaborating with me as a ghost blogger, each one of those "better" items is going to be "called on the carpet" to defend itself.

Do you have better products?  Better than what?  Better how?  More environmentally friendly? Prettier? Longer-lasting? Safer? More satisfying? Less fattening? Blog posts give you the chance to truly examine your own beliefs about which market niche you’re serving with your products and services, and how you can do everything better.

Is there an advantage to the technology you offer or the technology that went into your products? Are you truly offering better service?  Better than yesterday? And was that better than last week? Are you focused on constantly improving processes and customer service? 

Talking about actual streets or neighborhoods where you provided service to customers makes for great blogging content, explains Chris Baggott of Compendium Blogware. Not only will that help you appear in more online searches, as Baggott points out, it will focus your attention on how you work to satisfy actual customer needs. 

When working with business owners to create a blogging strategy, I often begin by posing the question: "If you had only 8-10 words to describe why you’re passionate about what you do, what you know, and what you sell, what would those words be?

Sounds corny, perhaps, to suggest a blog could change not only a slogan, but a business. But, you know what? I find it often works out that way.  Blogging about better products, better technology, and better service brings being "better" to top of mind.  So what else could ensue but…- better results for the company and for its customers?


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