Blogging for Business Map: Every…Subject…How/Why…Wisdom Points

impact“If you had only one sentence to get your message across, rather than 45 minutes,” executive speech coach Patricia Fripp asks each executive struggling to put together a powerful presentation, “What would you say?” There’s one “big idea” or premise that drives every book, every speech, every movie, Fripp explains.

As a ghost blogger and business blogging trainer, I ask business owners a similar question before planning their blog content: “If you had only 10-12 words to describe why you’re passionate about what you do and what you sell, what would those words be?”

At a recent meeting of the National Speakers Association of Indiana, Fripp suggested speakers create a map for each presentation.  I realized that creating just such a map could be a perfect strategy for blog content writers as well.

Start with a strong opening.  Fripp suggests beginning with the word “Every”, making a bold statement that the speech will go on to defend.

An  “Every” statement in a blog post might lead to useful information or to a refutation of that opening statement.

  • Every time you choose a hairstyle out of a magazine…
  • Every homeowner should use salt to soften the water.
  • Every investment adviser is subject to state and federal regulation…

Next, says Fripp, comes the subject of the speech, that ‘big idea” or premise you’ll be presenting. Will you be reinforcing that opening line or showing why it represents a widely held misconception?  In the SEO marketing blog of one beauty salon, for example, the blog content writer explains the dangers of choosing a hairstyle that’s impractical for your hair’s texture, length, and health.

Third is the “how” or the “why”, making your position clear and enlisting readers’ buy-in.

A powerful ending rounds out an effective speech – or an effective blog post. “Remember,” cautions Fripp, “The first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds will have the most impact on listeners.”

In offering business blogging help, I find that business owners are so tied up in manufacturing  and selling product and in serving customers’ needs, they forget how much help the right words can be.  When it comes to web-based communications, words, along with pictures, are a business’ only tools. With the help of a map, those word “tools” can have quite an impact!.

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