Blogging For Introverts

"Bragging is repulsive to introverts," says Nancy Ancowitz in Psychology Today
But effective self-promoting – that’s different
, she says.  "It’s finding the overlap between what you have and what your audience wants."

Ancowitz might have been referring to blogging, which is the essence of self-promoting for business owners – minus the bragging.  After all, what is search engine optimization if not finding the points of overlap between what you, the businessowner do, what you know about, what you sell, and what searchers want?

Two of the coping tips Psychology Today offers introverts are good ideas, I think, for reticent business bloggers stuck for content ideas:

             Host: When we host, we get to be seen as a go-to person, and we don’t have to reach out as much.

Use some of your blog posts to highlight interesting ideas and information you find on others’ posts, "introducing" those bloggers to your readers.  Your comments highlight your own expertise, while you play gracious blog "host"!

            Say Hi: Remain visible to your boss and colleagues by regularly exchanging niceties 
                         and sharing with them.

There are several ways to apply that excellent advice to blogs. After quoting someone in your post, commenting favorably on their insights, then adding some of your own, post a comment directly on their blogsite or send an email message explaining you’ve just quoted them in your own blog.  Include a link to the post that "stars" them!

"Introverts", remarks Psychology Today, " are more inclined to rely on writing and often excel at it."  How cool is that for business blogging?


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