Blogging Is Brain Writing

Health advisers stress the fact "we are what we eat", but did you know "we are what we write"? Handwriting experts point to the relationship between personality and penmanship.  Professional speaker and handwriting expert Theresa Ortega shared an astounding fact with me – amputees who must write with a pen held in their mouth or even between their toes form their letters in exactly the same way they had done when holding a pen in their hand! That’s because, Ortega explains, "All writing is brain writing"!

In business marketing circles, we hear a lot about "branding". As a professional ghost blogger for businesses, I’m often involved in discussions on that subject.  Interesting – both Theresa Ortega and I had read a discussion of branding in Speaker Magazine that presented a whole different point of view. Your business brand, according to this article, isn’t something you create; it’s something you already areYou discover your brand by discovering your core values and skills. Just as your handwriting reveals your personality traits, your unique way of doing business reveals who you are and what you’re passionate about.

To some degree, a business’ brochures, advertisements, and billboards will reflect the company’s special strengths and skills, and even reveal owners’ attitudes and beliefs. But blogs, without a doubt, are the most revealing.  First of all, blog writing is more informal and conversational, and readers feel as if they’re personally "meeting" the business owners.

Second, blogging is an ongoing process, continued over weeks, months, and even years. Just deciding what to say in each blog post is a form of self-discovery, of inventing and reinventing the business’ brand.
Whether you’re doing all the writing yourself, or collaborating with a professional blogger like me, the very process of describing in words what you sell, what you know, and what you do – that’s "brain writing" in its purest form!



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