Blogging is Deep-Impact Branding: Special Guest Blog Post by Bob Chenoweth

Bob ChenowethToday’s special guest blog post is by friend and fellow Indianapolis blog writer Bob Chenoweth, owner and principal of Chenoweth Content & Design LLC and TipTopics LLC. He serves emerging and established businesses with content, design and strategy for print, Web, email, video and social media.

Everything you do in your business will either reinforce or detract from your brand. Yes, I said everything. But to deeply imprint your competitive advantages in the minds of consumers, there is probably no communication tactic that is more effective over the long term than business blogging.

Blogging is marketing. Blogging is storytelling. Blogging is branding.

Wait a minute, you might be saying. Isn’t branding all about logos and signs and uniforms? Isn’t branding just graphic design and visual marketing? In a word: no. Here’s why: I define a healthy brand as being the trustworthy, memorable (and referable) essence of your company’s values, people and products/services. Your brand is ultimately what your consumers perceive and how they share that perception with others. That perception – that message – IS your brand. And blogging gives you the opportunity to boost your brand in the minds of both followers and finders.

Followers hang on your every word. They already know enough about you to know they should be paying attention because they will learn something along the way, even if they don’t have an immediate need for what you have to sell. Finders, on the other hand, need information or a solution now.

Followers and Finders are also, of course, consumers; and consumers are skeptics. They have objections, conscious or unconscious, stated or unstated. As a solution provider, your primary goal must be to convert the skeptical prospect into a customer by overcoming these objections and gaining trust. Blogging gives you the perfect platform to do just that. Strategically implemented and managed over time, business blogging lets you tell your story and engage in relationship-building dialogues with followers and finders. Blogging breaks down barriers. It helps you minimize and overcome objections. As your prospects drill deeper, blogging helps you elevate their perception of your brand.

Yes, blogging is marketing and blogging is storytelling. But blogging is also branding. Deep-impact branding.

Every word of this post can be of business blogging assistance to any business owner or any freelance blog writer.
Sometimes , in the corporate blog writing "arena", I find that SEO marketing blogs put so much emphasis on "getting found" that they forget the "deep branding" that is a function of the blog content!  Thank you for putting the emphasis where it belongs, Bob! Content writers in Indianapolis – take heed!

   Rhoda Iisraelov

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