Blogging to Describe Life Fully Charged

It’s a mattress commercial, for heaven’s sake! But the message isn’t about the mattress.  No, it’s about waking up better, about “living life fully charged”.  It’s about how you feel after a night’s sleep on a Beautyrest®.

A year or so ago, I blogged about what I dubbed “the Sensa® Rule for SEO marketing blogs”.  See, the Sensa® billboard ads are all focused not on the product, but on a result, an outcome, on the What’s-In-It-For-Them. I think that radio commercial I heard about Beautyrest is another good example of that rule.

Business owners often share with me how frustrated they become when they’ve done a truly  top-notch job for one of their clients, and that client doesn’t realize just how top-notch it was! That’s because customers lack the expertise or background knowledge for comparison. But customers do know when they achieve the results they were expecting.

What that means is that, even after your blog content has succeeded in terms of helping people find you, it still needs to convey to those readers a “feel” for the desired outcomes of using your products and services. Carmine Gallo in explains it well: Don’t sell products; sell an experience.

The really interesting thing about selling experiences is that even if online searchers come across your business blog post in a search for general advice or information on a topic related in some way to your business (rather than having the intent to buy anything), the feelings and the experiences you describe may be so “on target” for them that they actually turn into buyers in order to experience those results.

"Truly successful marketers use reverse branding,” blogger Ryan Karpeles emphasizes. "People rarely think of your actual brand first. They think about what they want. Then they decide who, specifically, can fulfill that desire.

Are you telling your blog readers how to “wake up better”?

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