Blogging to Differentiate

“When you walk into a room, everyone should know you for one thing,” says Jeff Bowe of Actum Group.  And that one thing needs to be very, very clear – to you and to your target audience. It’s all about differentiating oneself: “When you define your market, really define it. Draw an indisputable border around it, and then own that market with a message that will make all other less focused competitors disappear in the fog of clutter,” directs Bowe.

Business coach and author Jim Ackerman  strikes a similar note: “Any business owner needs to be able to start a sentence with ‘I am the only __________ in __________ who__________”.

As a trainer in corporate blog writing, I know how crucial it is for business owners and professional practitioners to differentiate themselves from that “fog of clutter”, using blog content writing to clarify their “only-ness”.

“Around here”, business owners (or their freelance blog content writers) must be able to clarify, “we:

  • ‘do things faster
  • ‘operate at a lower cost
  • ‘make fewer errors
  • ‘offer greater comfort or less pain for the customer
  • ‘provide a more engaging experience”

or ….whatever other differentiators there are.

People never buy what you do; they buy the results or the effects of what you do,” explains Bowe. But how will those results and effects differ when the customer chooses to do business with YOU is the $64,000 SEO marketing blog question. 

Perhaps the secret Indianapolis blog writers need to remember is what business coach Donna Gunter calls her WYSIWYG differentiation approach, or "What You See is What You Get."  “I am who I am and let that center of authenticity come through in all that I do,” she says.

In other words, Gunter wants to do business only with clients who “buy into” what she’s offering without needing to be convinced. By that definition, successful content creation for SEO marketing blogs consists of capturing the uniqueness of the business owners, practitioners, and employees who will be delivering the service and products.

Providing blog writing services means helping businesses and practices each speak their message in a very personal way. Reminds me of that oldie “Only You”. Corporate blog writing tells searchers why only you can give them exactly what they came for!


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