Blogging With The Stars At Confluence

Dancing’s my favorite of pastimes, but now, Dancing With the Stars – (the sheer power of it – viewers’ eyes glued to the TV, cell phones in hand, dialing the local Arthur Murray for lessons) – that’s what I call dance marketing-with-machismo!

Alas, I wasn’t invited to strut my steps on ABC, but I am excited to be part of a local “show” about blogging, my favorite of professional pursuits.  Confluence Networking’s November event will begin with a panel discussion on blogging, the latest online marketing buzz.  I’ll be joining blogging greats Chris Baggott of Compendium, Kyle Lacy, Doug Karr, and PR Guy Rodger Johnson, with host Erik Deckers.

You’ll find us at Comedy Sportz on Massachusetts Avenue near College starting at 3PM this Tuesday, November 11, covering topics such as starting your corporate blog, keeping your material fresh, selecting your target market for the blog, and then judging how your blog is being received.

As I explained in my blog How Say It For You Was Born, a good ghost blogger should not, herself, be seen or heard.  But, for Confluence’s sake, on November 11, I plan to do both. In fact, I’m planning to talk about ghost bloggers and tribute bands, the two new, real things!

After the panel, there’ll be general fun and networking next door at 45 Degrees. I’m counting on “confluencing” you there!


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