Blogs And Bathroom Makeovers

“You don’t have to do a major remodel to give your bathroom a fresh new look,” advises ShopSmart Magazine.  Since “freshness” is a basic building block for bloging, I found some of the bathroom makeover tips valuable for good content creation in blogs.

Calm your senses…
ShopSmart suggests introducing the smell of potpourri, scented bath salts, and fresh flowers to help bathers unwind at the end of the day, plus a sound therapy system to drown out unwanted noise.

Any calming and reassuring effect your blog can have will relate to relevancy – are you answering the question and speaking to the need that drove the searcher your way? Particularly at the outset of the post, unwanted noise needs to be “drowned out” and searchers calmed with a “Relax-you’ve-come-to-the-right-place” message.

The Conversion Chronicles blog mentions that it’s calming to users to feel in control of the system.  That’s why, advises Conversion advises bloggers that violating design conventions in setting up the blogsite is a mistake. The format needs to be engaging without being too "out there"!

Use simple organizers…
“Nothing takes you out of a serene mindset like a bunch of clutter, so include plenty of storage to keep things tidy and tucked away.”
Each blog post should center upon one simple idea or concept.  (This blog post, for example, discusses blog content, using the bathroom makeover article as the organizing structure.) In blogs, bullet points are the “storage shelves” that keep content tidy and avoid a cluttered feeling.

Make over the lighting…
“A new fixture can instantly transform the look of the room from out of date to stylish.”

For “illumination” in blogs, use bolding and italics to highlight key points, as well as images and photos to add illustration and visual appeal.

ShopSmart titled its piece “Instant Bathroom Makeovers”, and offered hints on giving an  existing room a new look.  Blogs, by definition, are a marketing “remodeler’s” dream, much easier to “refinish” than corporate websites. What was stale in yesterday’s post can be new in today’s.

As ShopSmart neatly sums up the matter, “Now all you have to do is….set your priorities and get going!”



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