Blogs And Podiums – Choose Yours Wisely

Talk about traffic congestion – you wouldn’t believe how many folks are venturing into the blogosphere.  Millions of people are putting ideas and information out on the World Wide Web, often just to share knowledge and give others the benefit of their opinions.  But if you’re a business owner, you’re probably using your blog as part of your marketing campaign.  The only reason you’re establishing a blog is to attract new business to your website.  Your blog is your podium – you get to showcase your business so customers will want you to be the one to provide them with the product or the service they need.

The other day, In BusinessWeek magazine, I read a short piece called “Choose Your Podium Wisely”. The article talked about the fact that top corporate executives get lots of speaking invitations, so many that they need to choose which engagements to accept.  A consulting firm named Burson-Marsteller took a survey of CEO’s to see how they measured “return on investment” for a speech. Was the speech rewarding because it brought in business leads?  Did it attract new talent to the CEO’s firm? Did the speech build the company’s reputation?

The consultant’s rule for executives planning speaking engagements is actually a perfect fit for business bloggers: Keep a specific goal in mind.  Then find the audience most likely to deliver that benefit to your company!

As a ghost blogger, I find this rule to be absolutely essential to keep in mind when I’m doing planning with business owners. Before your blog can be used as an effective tool, you need to focus in on one specific goal.  Who are your target customers or clients? What approach would have the most appeal to that segment of your market?  Will the emphasis be on your product or on special service and expertise?  Pick one primary area of focus – don’t try to do everything in one blog.  In other words, choose your blog “podium” wisely.

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