“Blue” Great Example of More This, Less That in Corporate Blog Writing

Immediately after completing my Say It For You blog post based on “More This, Less That” indog food the Readers Digest, I actually found a two-page advertorial by BlUE dog food that illustrates many of the points I made about healthful additions and subtractions in blog writing for business.

One recommendation I’d made to blog content writers in Indianapolis was more care, less scare. (More “we believe”, less “we offer”.) Why does BLUE pet food use only high-quality ingredients? …"because we think of our pets as family members".

I’d recommended as part of business blogging training, using more examples, fewer claims. The BLUE advertorial lists the ingredients dog owners should look for and why:  Real meat to provide proteins for growth and muscle maintenance, whole grains for energy, and fruits and vegetables for antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Rather than boasting about its own products, BLUE offers a checklist pet owners can use when comparing brands. Blog content writing can be at its best providing practical, usable information to online visitors.

I’d recommended “a liberal sprinkling of testimonials and anecdotes” for use in corporate blog writing. BLUE quotes one of their customers: “I didn’t want my boy eating chicken by-product meal. That’s why I switched him to BLUE.”

I must admit that “my boy” seems a bit overdone for my taste (I’m not a dog owner), but maybe not.  The point is, blogging for business had better be taken personally, and using testimonials and anecdotes are one way to help SEO marketing blogs stay personal, real and down to earth. 

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