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“We write with you in mind,” says Tim Roberts of Trustpointe Sandler Training.  To that end, Roberts offers a series of promises to us loyal newsletter readers, including these two:

  •  We will present original thinking.
  •  We will cite our sources.

On the face of it, it might appear that these statements contradict each other (if the material is original, then what’s this about citing sources?)  But as a blogging trainer, I know there’s no contradiction at all.

I encourage freelance content writers and business owners alike to curate, meaning to gather OPW (Other People’s Wisdom) and share that with their readers, commenting on that material and relating it to their own topic.

To sustain our blog content writing over long periods of time without losing reader excitement and engagement, we need to constantly add to our own body of knowledge – about our industry or professional field, and about what’s going on around us in our culture. Business blogging can serve as a form of market research in itself, and through curating material we find and then adding our own original thinking about what we’re sharing – that brings our readers the best of both worlds.

HubSpot explains the concept well, defining content curation as “selecting and aggregating information into one place that creates more value for information consumers.”

Trustpointe’s twinset of promises make for the perfect credo for writers of business blogs – collate and curate valuable sources of information for readers’ convenience, and apply original thinking that reflects the practices and philosophies of the business or professional practice you’re promoting!

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