Business Blog Content Writers Take Second Place

“When your market clearly sees how your offering is different from that of your competition, it’s easier to influence the market and win mindshare,” says Marketing MO. “One of the key elements that many small to mid-sized companies overlook is how they provide value at the highest level.”

As freelance blog content writers, the way I see it, our job is to convey that value message to online searchers. That’s assuming, however, our business owner or professional practitioner clients have defined how they deliver value to their customers.  In other words, I see content writing as the second stage in the process, not the first.

My message to corporate and professional clients is simple: Your blog is just ONE piece of the general strategizing you do with your ‘team” – your web designer, marketing consultant, managers, and employees. And, while we blog writers can often serve as “quarterbacks” and help our clients assemble the team of Subject Matter Experts in various areas such as Search Engine Optimization, reputation management, public relations, graphic design, web design, and CRM) our main focus needs to be on writing blog posts using all that intelligence.

Marketing MO lists three ways to deliver value to customers:

  1. Operational excellence – delivering lowest price in the market by producing more volume at a lower cost
  2. Product (or service) leadership – staying one step ahead of the market through innovation and quality
  3. Customer intimacy – knowing the target customers' changing needs and delivering correct solutions over time

“You can provide the best offering, the cheapest offering, or the most comprehensive offering, but you can’t provide all three,” cautions Marketing MO.

Some might disagree.  In any event, honing the strategy must precede honing the message. As a professional blog writer in Indianapolis, I want to come in second place in the marketing sequence.

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