Business Blog Content Writing – Playing Up Strengths for Two

You can build a career as an author by playing to your strengths and going at your own pace, Writer’s Digest editor Jessica Strawser advises.

That’s excellent advice for us business blog content writers as well, I’d say, but there’s an extra step involved for us. That’s because we’re playing not only to our own strengths as writers and researchers, but at the pace of the business owner clients and professionals who’ve hired us to play to – and play up – their unique strengths.

Remind you of the old eating-for-two concept?  Weight gain during pregnancy is vital to the health of both baby and mother, explains, “but everything within reason”.

I like to say that blog content writing actually bestows a “training benefit” on owners. What I mean by that, is when you blog, you’re verbalizing the positive aspects of your business or practice, putting your recent accomplishments into words, and reviewing the benefits of your own products and services. That “playing to strengths” may be given voice by professional writers, but the process of choosing themes, sharing strategies, and planning for content creation involves a synergy between owner and writer.

A couple of the questions posed to Jessica Strawser when she first took over as editor of Writer’s Digest in 2008 would make a good start for eliciting great business blog post fodder to pay up the strengths of a business or practice:

What’s special about the craft of writing to you?
"If you care enough to blog," David Meerman Scott says, "you should care about letting people know who you are." Enthusiasm, says corporate trainer Roger Dawson, means believing in your industry, your company, your product, and your ability to serve your customers. It’s that special enthusiasm that needs to come across loud and clear in the business’ or the practice’s blog posts.

Which do you see as more important: The craft side of writing (how-to’s, grammar, style) or the business side (marketing, etc.)?
Your business brand isn't something you create; it's something you are. Your unique way of doing business reveals who you are and what you're passionate about, which aspects of your profession or industry you see as most important.

Yes, indeed, I tell aspiring freelance blog content writers in Indiana: You can build a career as a ghost blogger by playing to your own strengths, but also by playing up the strengths of your client companies and professional practices.

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