Business Blog Reading Right After Breakfast

 If you’re not sure, in doing corporate blogging for business, which content is best placed at the beginning of your blog post, you might consult researchers in Israel.

In the course of a study of Israeli rulings on convicts’ parole requests, scientists discovered there were more parole approvals at the beginning of a session than at later points in the day.  They attributed the difference to the breakfast or snack the judge ate just before starting!

From my vantage point as a professional ghost blogger and corporate blogging trainer, my conclusion about these research results is simple: We blog content writers need to pay attention to them.

The author of the Scientific American Mind article explains: “Judges often organize their cases according to the time they are likely to require. Shorter cases are often dealt with first, to allow busy prosecutors and defense attorneys… to leave court and get on with the rest of their day.”

In offering business blogging help, I’d offer the same sort of advice, and for the same reason.  Online searchers want to “get on with the rest of their day”. When it comes to SEO marketing blogs, business owners and those doing corporate blog writing for them must heed Peter Guber’s advice: “Capture your audience’s attention first, fast, and foremost.”

While those providing business blogging services need to create valuable content throughout each post, it’s important to place key information, including Calls to Action, in the opening paragraph. It appears that “right after breakfast” (meaning right after the blog’s opening lines) might be the best time for customers to make your cash register ring!


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