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Stopped at a light on my way to provide business blogging help to a Say It For You client, I had just enough time to read some rather arresting billboard content.  This health service provider’s “ad” was really a mission statement.  IU Health pledged:

  • To be driven by excellence
  • To handle any challenge
  • To never slow down
  • To always stay in front

That billboard, I realized, illustrates a truth that everyone doing business blog writing –  and everyone providing business blogging assistance, needs to keep in mind:  The way I state that truth is “Your brand ‘r you in your blog”.

What I mean is that blog content writing is about a whole lot more than what you do, what you know, and the stuff or services you sell. It’s really about who you are, and about what you pledge – to yourself, and to the clients and customers you serve.

In fact, as an important part of my process in clarifying the message that a business owner or professional practitioners wants to convey through blog content writing, I challenge each of them to answer the following question:

If you had only eight to ten words to describe why you’re passionate
about what you do, what would those words be?

Having seen that IU Health billboard, I realize there’s another way to provoke the sort of introspection that gives rise to compelling, highly personal blog content writing – a sort of fill-in-the-pledge exercise:

  • By what are you driven?
  • Why must you never slow down in your quest for excellence in what you do?
  • Why, in your field, is it important to “stay in front”?

And, whether a business owner or practitioner is doing the blog writing or collaborating with a professional ghost blogger partner such as Say It For You, the blog is an embodiment of a brand – and of a mission!

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