Business Blog Writing to Tell Readers How it Should Feel

steak  on barbecueOne key element in successful corporate blogging for business is usable information, and one thing that makes for that usability is helping users know how results might “feel”.
Business owners often share with me how frustrated they become when they’ve done top-notch work for a client, but the client doesn’t realize just how top-notch it was! That’s because customers lack the expertise or background knowledge for comparison.

 “People rarely think of your actual brand first.  They think about what they want,” emphasizes blogger Ryan Karpeles. Now that your SEO marketing blog has been successful in helping those people find you, your blog content writing needs to convey the fact that you can fulfill their need. But there’s more that must be accomplished, as I explain to freelance blog writers and to business owners.  Your business blog writing must give online searchers a “feel” for the desired outcomes of using your products and services.

In “FAQ About Your BBQ,” Readers’ Digest gets the “feeling” part of information right. “A rare steak feels ‘squishy,” a medium steak feels ‘springy’, and a well-done one feels ‘taut’, Lauren Giazdowski explains. Blog content writers in Indianapolis can use that sentence about steaks  as a model for giving information in blog posts to help shape readers’ expectations.

There’s hardly a selling guideline with more potential to be of  business blogging help than the one repeated by Carmine Gallo in Don’t sell products; sell an experience.  Gallo quotes entrepreneur Richard Branson of the Virgin corporate empire.  Asked what the Virgin brand was, Branson did not say “a great airline”, but “fun”.  Asked what Zappos stands for, CEO Tony Hsieh answered “happiness.”

One of the most important functions served by a freelance blog writer may not lie in the task of keeping up the frequency and recency needed for the business to “win search”. Far more crucial is the process of working with the business owner as part of the marketing team, drilling down to the essence of the brand, so that online readers get a sense of how it should feel!

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