Business Bloggers Need Clip Files

 What do you do when you open your business or launch a new product? Send out a press kit, of course, is the advice of the Trestrail Marketing Group.

Since each of our Say It For You business blog content writers becomes part of one or more  clients’ marketing teams, we often take on the assignment of composing articles and press releases.

Al Trestrail lists items that can be included in press kits:

  • Company logo and fact sheet
  • Product fact sheets
  • Company background
  • Press release
  • Contact information
  • Brief mission statement

As a corporate blogging trainer, I particularly liked Trestrail’s advice about keeping “clip files”. “Make someone in your office responsible for collecting and maintaining articles written about your company…Monitor the press for mentions of your firm,” he adds.

Many of us who provide business blogging assistance keep “idea folders”. Those folders could be actual paper folders in which newspaper and magazine clippings are collected, or they could take the form of little notebooks to carry around, or even digital files on phones or tablets. For business owners or professional practitioners, as well as for those who offer business blogging help, The Folder isn’t so much for handing out at trade shows or mailing to reporters – it’s for "reading around" and "learning around" in order to keep blog post content fresh and engaging.

“Good ideas are crucial to the success of freelance writers and all creative types. But you have to do more than generate good ideas: you have to get those ideas out of your brain and into some system to save them. Only then can you evaluate those ideas and pick the best for implementation,” says blogger John Soares. “The best way to have a good idea? Have lots of ideas,” he advises.

At Say It For You, we agree!

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